Stephen Swanson – Chair & Webmaster

Major: Swedish & Linguistics

Year: Sophomore

Favorite word: “Mysig” – the Swedish concept of coziness!

Swedish Background: When I was younger my family discovered they were partially Finland-Swedes. This made me interested in Scandinavia and Swedish!

Hope Reilly – Chair, Lucia Coordinator & Treasurer

Majors: History/Scand. Studies

Year: Junior

Favorite Phrase: “Ta det lugnt” – It’s necessary for my life

Favorite Swedish Club memory: Don’t know so far, maybe that one fika where I was freaking out about how a bug flew into my eye.

Karli Anderson – Former Chair


Major: Swedish and Music Education

Year in School: Senior

Favorite Swedish word/phrase: “Ö” –  I find it hilarious that this sound can make a word.  (It means island)

Memorable Swedish Club moment: Yeon Hee went around campus dressed as pepparkaksgubbe. It was hilarious!

Swedish Background: I’m half Swedish although my dad was born in the US and is not fluent in Swedish.  To get closer to my Swedish background, I lived there for a year in highschool and then another year in college.

Britta Tunestam

Major: Swedish and European Studies

Year: Senior

Favorite word:  “Far åt pipsvängen!” because it’s one of my all-time favorite movies. And yes, I do mean movie. 😉

Favorite Swedish Club Moment: pepparkaks- och glöggfesten!

Swedish Background: My entire family is Swedish but I’m born and raised in the Seattle area. My dad was born there so I grew up speaking Swedish at home and enjoying lots of Swedish cooking and traditions. Then, finally, I did a year-long exchange to Uppsala and can’t wait to move back.

Sarah Hammarlund

Majors: Swedish & Biology

Year: 4th year

Favorite Swedish Word: “Jordgubbe” (because literally it’s old man in the earth)